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Over the years, I’ve been fortunate to host and attend many “closing dinners” to commemorate successful transactions. The “guest of honor” is always the client and their team. One of the impactful closing dinners was associated with a 275 unit newly built urban Multifamily community located in Oakland, California. 

After everyone was seated, the client (project developer) stood to give a toast – “I want to thank you all for being here tonight to celebrate our newest Multifamily development. I especially want to thank Trent and his team for their efforts and flawless execution. Our company has been in business and successful for over 30 years, and we have worked with many organizations in the process. As we debriefed this most recent project, something important stood out to us which was the approach Trent, and his team took in working with our organization. Many of Trent’s peers take a Transaction based approach, which is fine, however Trent’s team took a Relationship based approach. They listened carefully and took time to truly understand our culture and our business model. The result was a collaborative relationship that produced a very successful transaction. So tonight, I thank all of you for this relationship. We look forward to doing much more business together in the years ahead.”

With every new hire I’ve made and every mentee I’ve mentored, I make a point to emphasize that, “People do business with people, not companies. If you focus on relationship and trust, better transactions will result.”

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