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Early in my professional career I was fortunate to have an outstanding Mentor. The extent of my gratitude for his mentoring is immeasurable. As with any relationship, both parties must be willing to “do the work to work together”. Fortunately, I was a very willing Mentee. When I think of my Mentor, I think of his – 

  • Work ethic
  • Kindness
  • Leading by example
  • Detail orientation
  • Humbleness
  • Giving spirit
  • Intelligence
  • Caring 

As my own career evolved and matured, I knew that Mentoring others was my responsibility. Would I ever be as good a Mentor as my own – not likely. Would I do my very best to be a good Mentor – absolutely!

It has truly been a privilege to work closely with younger professionals entering our industry. Training, Coaching and Mentoring have been some of the defining characteristics of my career. I continue to actively Mentor. I also learn and grow as a person from each mentoring relationship.

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